Product Ad Films :-
Product ad films involve a promotional activity in which a commercial value product is used. Ad films can be done in plays, film, television series, music videos, video games, and books, etc. A product ad film can be done recorded and showed on the site.

Our directorial talent and the ability of our directors to translate the creative vision from a script into a cogent and attractive finished product drive our business.

3D Animations,Graphics & Non-Linear Editing :-
Saams Infology  is a leading computer animation and visual effects studio for film and television in India . Saams Infology  has the distinct advantage of offering international-level quality artistry at the most cost-effective rates in the market.

Leveraging the latest technologies and combining creative and technical core- competencies, Saams Infology attempts to develop entertainment products and services that are not only an audio-visual delight but also give the audience an amazing out-worldly experience

This department includes facilities in animation and compositing. Our techno-artists have expertise in Tracking, Modeling, Matte painting, Character and Effects animation, Compositing and film In/Out. We also offer services like motion tracking, morphing and film titles.

Training Films :-
Saams Infology Training films improves the effectiveness of your business communication through the power of training Videos.

When a company has a large or geographically diverse audience, it is extremely expensive to hire trainers or pay for training courses. Fortunately, Visual Communicator puts an end to costly training courses. It helps you easily create training videos that enable you to deliver information immediately to all members of your staff.

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