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Saams Associates :-
Saams Infology is a leading-edge Internet outsourcing company with the scope, capabilities and expertise to provide a single point of accountability in the design, development and management of mission critical web-based properties on behalf of a wide range of clients.
Saams Infology is..
  • your single source for total internet solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your business.
  • your essential catalyst for maximum leveraging of mission-critical web-based properties.
  • your driving force for success
Saams Infology Will..
  • provide our clients with the Innovation, Integration and Operations expertise that effectively leverages the power of Internet based technologies to significantly improve their business operations and gain a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • allow our clients to successfully reduce costs and/or improve productivity by outsourcing to us any or all of their mission critical web-based applications and Managed Internet infrastructure.

SAAMS INFOLOGY deliver high quality Custom Software Development Solutions engineered to suit every customer's requirements that follow mature development and deployment processes, with proven tools, efficient methodologies, and comprehensive verification and validation.

SAAMS INFOLOGY provides customers with high value, quality services to support and maintain business critical applications. We have pioneered techniques to efficiently transfer knowledge, in virtually any technology, to its service teams enabling customers to.

  • Assign tasks to Saams Infology to release staff for leading edge development projects.
  • Delegate responsibility for the retention of critical system knowledge to SAAMS.
  • Make Saams Infology accountable through Service Level Agreements

SAAMS INFOLOGY partners with customers to provide solutions that enable enterprises to meet the challenges of keeping ahead of the competition, keeping up with technology changes, retaining key knowledge and maximizing the services within budget.
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