Why US?

Deep industry and application knowledge. A strong governance model. Unparalleled global delivery. Our innovations in application services help you reduce risk and improve your return on application investments.

What we offer

Develop and integrate Custom application development & systems integration Consulting, delivery expertise, advanced technologies and accelerators in solution design, development and integration.
  • Application development.
  • Business application modernization services.
  • Complex systems integration.
  • Enterprise architecture and technology.
  • Saams Interactive.
  • Portals and e-Commerce.
  • Security and privacy.


Application management Management services across every industry, skill and technical area, for virtually every type of application.
  • Application out-tasking services.
  • Business application modernization services.
  • Co-management services.
  • Design-build-manage services.
  • Full outsourcing services.
  • Saams Testing services.
  • Portfolio outsourcing services.
  • Staff augmentation services.

Industry focus

  • Banking.
  • Chemicals & Petroleum.
  • Electronics.
  • Government.
  • Insurance.
  • Retail.
  • Telecommunications.

Application services related topics

Application assembly optimization
Approach global application development and management in a whole new way. Optimize quality and productivity in your application lifecycle.

Business analytics and optimization

Predict and respond to opportunities and threats. Optimize operations to capitalize on new sources of revenue. Proactively manage risk while ensuring efficiency. Saams Business Analytics and Optimization capabilities are your most powerful ally in the new economic environment.

Information on demand

Treat information like the strategic asset it is. Our systematic and integrated approach leverages existing systems to make the right information accessible at the right time and enable better decision making.

Service-oriented architecture professional services

Service-oriented architecture is an application framework that makes it easy to reuse and combine the discrete business processes and services that make up your business.