BPO & Outsourcing

With cost-saving as their mantra, most enterprises are finding it profitable to outsource their peripheral functions, such as back-office work (customer support, collections, billing, market research, order tracking and management, payroll). It is often cheaper to let another dedicated and specialized firm handle such functions which are non-core to the organization outsourcing these functions.


For outsourcing firms, cost is a major consideration. So is technology. Conventionally, there has always been a trade-off between the two. A sophisticated and functionality rich solution is often too expensive, and a cheap solution affects your business. A bad technology could lower calling rates, impact customer experience, call DNC numbers, perform inefficient call routing all factors affecting your business and reputation. On the other hand, installing an extremely expensive system that does not deliver could impact your profit margins.

Workforce efficiency

A contact center needs to be very careful about the solution it deploys. Very often, the CRM is not user-friendly and the components do not interface well all resulting in low call volumes and degradation in customer experience. Moreover, there is no centralized control for managers and supervisors, which impacts the bottom line business profitability.

Deployment inflexibility

With separate components and different underlying technologies, it is expensive to invest in software that should be pre-integrated with a contact center solution. An expensive CRM, database or application can be extremely expensive and may not integrate well with your current setup.

Scalability costs

Call centers often start with few processes and scale up as business grows. However, the technology is ill-equipped to accommodate changes and often demands heavy investments in IT infrastructure to the extent that sometimes it become unfeasible to add more seats. Costs are further escalated with additional requirements for expensive equipment.

Customer experience

Many customers have the same gripe they have to wait too long for an agent to attend to them for simplest of questions. Sometimes, the agents are not equipped to handle certain queries (technical, for example) or lack certain skills that empower them to serve the customers effectively.


A technologically sound solution would enable BPOs to increase their interaction volumes while automating routine functions, provide vertical specific service, manage multiple campaigns and agent workforce centrally, and last but not the least, widen margins by cutting back on recurring costs and increasing customer base. It can address a wide range of challenges that are unique to the outsourcing industry such as,

  • Automating self-service for routine customer queries, increasing first-time resolution rates and providing more focused service to customers with specific queries.
  • Integrating multimedia capabilities such as E-mail, Chat, SMS, Fax and Video for a "bird's-eye view" of customer information for effective resolution.
  • Improving customer experience with better call queue management, skill-based routing and workgroup management. Additionally, cross-sell and up-sell other services or products while customers are in queue.
  • Employing innovative and adaptive calling technology that paces calls according to real-time data, lowers abandoned and dropped calls and increases potentially profitable interactions
  • Cutting back on infrastructure costs via reuse of current IT infrastructure, standard equipment, and minimizing costs on third-party tools (CRM, Database, Reporting, and Voice Logging). Concurrently, also providing for flexibility for seamless integration
  • Improving load distribution for inbound calls, managing multiple time zones and reducing costs for intra-organizational communications.
  • Improving efficiency of processes, workforce and applications via DNC, presence management, and strong supervision to lower idle-time.


Saams's contact center suite is perfectly suited to outsourcing industry's objectives of managing multiple campaigns and processes efficiently while providing superior service quality to all customers and prospects, managing agent productivity, enhancing customer interaction experience across all channels, lowering IT costs - all of which translate to increased business and higher revenues.
Saams's award-winning outbound and inbound solutions offer predictive dialing, ACD, IVR, Voice recording, CRM, database, reporting and unified messaging capabilities.
With multimedia capabilities such as E-mail, SMS, chat, FAX and voice capabilities, you can reach out to new customers across different channels on an integrated platform. Strong inbound capabilities allow you to maximize self-service, reduce interaction times and increase customer satisfaction with skill-based routing, sound queue management, while ensuring easy configurability to design call flows as per your requirement. You can also customize interactions for your callers and provide useful information about new products, or account information in order to provide high quality service to every customer.
To sell your products more effectively, you can empower your agents to engage in potentially revenue generating prospects via multiple dialing modes, scripting, call-back scheduling, and a host of other features. Your supervisors can track agent performance via strong monitoring capabilities.
For quality purposes, you can record interactions with the Voice Logger, store them, and retrieve them with ease. With real-time reporting capabilities, you can create comprehensive reports to organize and present meaningful data regarding performance, efficiency, statistics, etc that is crucial in formulating business decisions and defining future strategies.